Fuck it im going fishing instead

     Ok so to start this off, i just want to say that i so freakin appreciate my girlfriend for buying me the power cord for my SNES/NES. Yeah mine broke a while ago and i was unable to pick up this legend of a game in years. So here’s what went down. I popped that cartridge into the slot and immediately got a nostalgia boner. Not even in game yet and I’m excited as heck. FUCKING THEN I START PLAYIN THAT SHIT MUCHAFUCKA. You know, this game is still better than some of the shit that comes out now. I’m not even joking or saying that because Nintendo is brilliant. If you haven’t played this yet or know what I’m talking about please kindly go invent a portal gun, find a narrow hallway, shoot the portals, and go fuck yourself. Seriously go buy a SNES and Mario next time you feel the urge to spend 60$ on a waste of shit game, trust me you wont regret it. Anyways, so i had been playing this for a few days and then tonight i finally got to Bowsers castle. Now the farthest i had ever really got to when i was a kid was like, the 3rd level. hell i was ecstatic to get the yellow switch. But now, I’m here at the gates of the Antichrist himself. I go straight through his joke of a castle to face this guy and settle it once and for all. Gotta tell you, it was exciting, almost as exciting as the Starfox 64 Andross battle. When all the carnage was over it was me at the top. Finally beat that son of a bitch once and for all. It was glorious. Yeah it might not be the most hardcore game, or even the hardest game ever. Actually anyone can play it. Its just so freakin satisfying in the end. THE END

>mfw i beat the game